The all-In-One cooking utility that will Streamline and Simplify Your "Meal Cycle"

A mobile recipe app for the foodster in all of us

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By igp223 - "I love this app! It's 10 times better and more efficient than other recipe/cooking apps. I can search for anything I feel like and I'm provided with a list of awesome recipes, and it tells me how many ingredients I already have in my pantry! Opens me up to some cool new foods, I highly recommend this app!

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By Bradley166 - "This app is so simple to use, you just create an inventory, search recipes, build a shopping list for things you are missing and it even recommends a grocery store based on your shopping list! Love the new dietary filters and directions to the store!

1 - Splash Screen2 - Home Screen3 - Recipe Search Results4 - Recipe View5 - Inventory (Category View)6 - Shopping (List View)7 - Favorites (Ingredients)8 - Favorites (Recipes)
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What it’s about…

Keeping up to speed on the latest food tech, scientific developments and seasonal food trends can be exhausting, so that’s why you have us! We will even have our own chef working her magic in the C4L Test Kitchen. Look for her intro, coming soon!

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What’s for dinner? Lyfe’s question

We all love cooking apps — they give us fun and healthy ideas for the meals we eat. At Cubelyfe, Inc we are big fans of the “on the go chef”. Unfortunately no mobile applications so far seem to suit all our needs for cooking a meal from start to finish, so we created Cook4Lyfe, the mobile recipe app that leaps forward and leaves other recipe apps in the plum sauce. It’s the best mobile assistant that thinks and searches for you.

Create a Homelyfe inventory and C4L will give you a list of recipes you can cook on the spot, let you know what ingredients you are missing along with the ability to easily add them to your grocery list using intuitive gesture control (IGC).


C4L will then recommend a grocery store in your area based on the ingredients you need. This way, you know exactly where to go to get it and make sure you get everything need.


The C4L app includes thousands of recipes from your favorite food bloggers, magazines, cook books, etc and is constantly updated with the hottest trending recipes.


Intuitive Gesture Control (IGC)

From deciding what to cook to keeping an inventory of your kitchen that can be accessed anywhere, we want this to be a simple process for you. That’s why we implemented IGC which is used throughout almost all of the features of this app. Deleting, adding and moving items, are all controlled with the swipe of a finger. Fast, easy and efficient.

The Cook4Lyfe mobile app combines a contemporary, minimalist user interface with powerful functionality to assist you through the everyday “Meal Cycle” with ease and excitement.

The “Meal Cycle”

  • Search from over 40,000 recipes, results based on Homelyfe inventory.
  • Save Favorite recipes and ingredients (IGC).
  • Create shopping lists with missing ingredients (IGC).
  • C4L recommends a grocery store based on your shopping list.
  • Add purchased ingredients to HomeLyfe inventory (IGC).
  • Cook and enjoy!

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C4L in the Press

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What if I am having an issue with the app or the app isn’t working as advertised.


How do I view the instructions again?


What types of keywords can I use to search recipes?


How do I add ingredients for a recipe to my shopping list?


How does the Homelyfe inventory work?


How do I know which way to swipe an ingredient?


How do I delete an ingredient from my shopping list or inventory?


How do I clear my entire list?


How do I add recipes to my favorites?


What if I want to change the sensitivity of the swiping functionality?


How does Cook4lyfe recommend a store?


How do I scan an ingredient into my shopping list or inventory?


How do I add single ingredients to my favorites?


Why did an ingredient not go to the correct shopping aisle category?


Why does Cook4lyfe take you to a blog to view instructions?


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